I’m only as good as my clients!  Lucky for me…they are amazing!



“I stumbled onto Pilates by accident. I was new to the area, looking for a yoga studio, and what I found has been life changing. I’ve always been active, but Pilates has changed my body in ways I’ve never seen before. I have abs! Ones you can actually see. You can bounce a quarter off my ass, literally. I’m leaner than I’ve ever been and it feels amazing. But more importantly, I have fallen in love with the instructors, and Cassie shares space at the top of that list. She has more energy than a case of RedBull. She is one of the few instructors I know who really uses knowledge as power, and continues her education in fitness and nutrition on a daily basis, and brings it all into the classroom. The biggest thing (and perhaps the most important thing) Cassie has given me is confidence. I’ve spent the last 32 years hiding in clothing that was too big and cropping every photo. In the last 6 months I’ve finally put all efforts into rectifying that and for the first time In my entire life, I feel good in my own skin. I had all the tools, I was just lazy, and it all started with one of Cassie’s challenges. I pulled dairy and gluten from my diet for 3 weeks in November and I realized I had the power to make changes in my body, AND in my jeans. Cassie is a constant source of inspiration, for which I will be forever grateful ! ”  Ashley K.



“Whenever I return home from a trip, I always do Cassie’s #3DayJUMPSTART.  It is the perfect way for me to get back on track and feel my best after overindulging.”  Lisa Z.


beth and yolanda

Beth and Yolanda – Workout with your friends! It makes it more fun!

“I LOVE my classes with Cassie because when I am doing Pilates I feel like I am getting a whole body workout and I have gotten so much stronger since I have started!  Cassie is so passionate, enthusiastic and an all-around great instructor!” Beth Z. (pictured above, left)


“I’ve had lower back pain for years, nothing excruciating, but still an ache that pretty much never subsided. I attributed it to age. That all changed after just a few weeks of Pilates with Cassie! I didn’t think I had any articulation in my lower back until she had me “scooping” to the ceiling and lowering one vertebra at a time! Hello, lower back! I love you, & Cassie!”  Yolanda N. (pictured above, right)


“I just wanted to thank you for helping me.  I know we don’t talk often but I follow you and have been letting you help me get the body back since baby.  You are such an inspiration to so many , thank you for being so positive and helping us.  Just want to tell you you’re helping more people than you know!”  C.S.


“Thank you for your awesome encouragement, sound workable guidance, healthy plans, all of it!  You are really an inspiration and your unselfish time and wisdom has clearly helped many women in the group.”  E.B.



“So, here we are, 7 months in and I’m down 55lbs and 31.7 inches. How?? Because this is the real thing. How do I know it’s the real thing?? Because at 47 years old I had failed at every attempt at weight loss. Even when I started with Cassie, my initial thought was “I’ll give it 3 weeks and I’ll bow out “. Not once in my life have I ever been so glad to have been so wrong. She’s done the math, science and research. All you have to do is trust and follow!!! It’s our time!!!”  Rhonda H.  **Update May 2017 – Rhonda has lost MORE than half of her body weight.  She’s down 127 pounds!!!


“Since the program began I have lost 17 pounds.  My goal is 20 – almost here!  Overall I feel that it was A LOT easier than I thought  BUT it wouldn’t have been this easy without your leadership and guidance.   The forethought and layout of the program enables success if you just do it.  And it’s easy to follow.”  B.K.


Deborah D.

“I am so very happy to report that I have lost 33.4 pounds to date. I started at a very uncomfortable 169.4 (ugh!) which is way too much for my 5’9″ body. I don’t want to lose too much more but want to continue to focus on getting stronger and healthier. I think what has amazed me is I have lost 25 1/2 inches off my body!”
“I have struggled with weight my entire life – been at both extremes of being very heavy and anorexic/bulimic. So I was a bit cautious of the program because I didn’t want to get obsessed with counting calories again. But I knew I had to change something as I felt out of control in my life and with my food choices. So many things you would tell the group really resonated with me: wanting to be pretty from the inside out, slow and steady, not a diet, but a way of living. To my amazement, this really clicked and I was able to completely change my way of eating, retrain my tastebuds and I am confident now that this is actually sustainable, unlike so many fad diets I had tried. In a way, it seems so simple: eat whole, unprocessed foods, don’t eat sugar and MOVE! And having a CI is just that: a conscious indulgence that is ok every once in awhile but doesn’t mean you’ve gone off “your diet.” I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have been a part of this group and your research. You seriously have changed my life as becoming stronger physically (and mentally) has empowered me to make healthy changes in my life that I don’t think I would have made had I not embarked on this journey. So much of losing weight is mental and I feel I have been given the tools to master this.”  Deborah D.


“I completed the Nothing November Challenge with Cassie and have kept up my new habits. I’ve lost 34 pounds so far and am excited to see where my new habits take me!!” Jenni

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