If I had access to all of this back then….

I opened my very first business when I was 18.  It was a clothing store in “The Valley” (insert Valley Girl joke, like, here).  I was thinking about how I connected with my customers.  I advertised in the local paper and I sent out “Happy Birthday” postcards.  That was about it.  Not because that was I all I did but it was because it was all I could do.  There was no Internet, the weekly magazines weren’t keeping track of where celebs were shopping, no Twitter or Facebook and only BIG businesses “branded” themselves.  Even when I opened The Nail Lounge, (just 6 years ago) the real power of intimately connecting with your clients had yet to explode.

Things sure have changed. 

The ability of creating revenue streams has changed, too.  You can have a service.  You can provide that service to your base clientele.  You can teach other people how to perform your service and charge a “tuition” fee.  You can have a web TV show that explains the science behind your service.  You can write a book about how you created your service..etc..etc.  As the world changes you have to stay on top of how you can keep monetizing what it is you do.  Have you taken some time to mastermind what else you can do with your business?

Back to my little store in the Valley, oh the things I would be doing if I was that girl right now.  Totally and For Sure!


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