But is she making any money?

I have a couple people that I follow on Twitter and Facebook who have a ton of “friends”.  They are on there Twittering away all day.  She is “going to this thing, going to that thang, offering this for free, givin’ away that for free”.  And, I think, “ya, but is she making any money?”  I just don’t get that feeling from her.  She’s hustling and name dropping but I don’t see that turning into dollars.  Then I have the opposite “friend”, she has a cute business, has the nice blog with the pretty pictures.  A friendly tweet there and a little quote here.  And, I look at her and think, “she is sitting at home NOT hustling.”  I don’t think she is making any money.  Sure, she thinks she is a business owner, but I think she didn’t realize that she was going to have to work it!  I also have been talking to some business owners that are putting in some big time elbow grease into projects that just aren’t making $$$.  Maybe they were doing it because someone told them, “you need to do this” or maybe they strayed from their business plan.  Either way, you gotta look at the numbers and know when to call it a day.  One of my favorite restaurant managers told me that her business has sky-rocketed over the last two months.  A plastic surgeon friend told me that she is booked for the first time in a year.  Is it a sign that the recession has started to lift?  People might just be sick of staying in and not spending and now they are out opening their wallets.  Either way, if you have fallen into the “gosh, it’s a recession, things are slow” way of life, let me be the first to shake you out of that nightmare.  People are making money.  So come on, put on a nice outfit, and get out from behind the computer.  Get re-energized!  Wake up earlier, take a yoga class, and go for a run.  Read a book on biz; get inspired. Take a meeting.  Look at your old biz plan, make revisions.  Find the money and start making money!!!!!

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  • Linsi
    June 13, 2012

    Cassie, I wonder the same thing all the time! With social media you really can ‘fake it’ so I think it’s impossible to tell who is really hustling and who is sitting behind a computer and pretending (or mistakenly thinking they really are) hustling.

    The good news is, asking the question or having this realization frees you up from worrying or comparing what you are doing to others. Because you can’t possibly know…and I usually err on the side of pessimism (yeah, they’re probably lying).

    You’re totally right, it IS MOST IMPORTANT to be willing to hustle for your biz. And if you aren’t, ask yourself why – and how you can get motivated to change that – before it’s too late.

    • Cassie
      June 13, 2012

      Thank you for reading the blog, Ms. Linsi and for your comments!!!

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