Are You Free Tomorrow?


I love that graphic.  I love it because I love money.  I like to spend money on nice things.  I also like to pay for services with money.  I dislike bartering.  Bartering creates resentments.  Everyone thinks they worked harder than the person they bartered with.  Or, you think what you bartered for was so super good and you got it for free (basically, taking advantage of an uber-talented newbie).  When someone is paying for your services, your work ethic exceeds what your customer expects.  Why?  Because you are awesome at what you do and should be compensated properly.  When you are compensated what you are worth, you can hire better people to do higher quality work for you and PAY for it.  This is not a new topic for me.  I made a video about it (here ) 6 months ago.  The important message is at the 3:07 mark (you can fast forward to it).

Just think about it.  Stop bartering.  Start paying.

P.S. Need help figuring why you aren’t making any money?  Check out “But Are You Making Any Money” by Marley Majcher


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