Breathe Like a Boss!


Meditate.  Breathe.  Slow down.  Be present.  Be mindful.  These are words and phrases that we are bombarded with on the daily.  If you are like me, I try to be the overachiever and do all of them.  The thing is, I’m left feeling frustrated.  Did I calm down enough?  Did I spend enough time?  I don’t have enough time.  Did I meditate right?  Arrrggghhhhh.  Now I need to calm down from trying to calm down!

Meet my friend, Sandy Abrams.  She’s ready to teach us that we can benefit from #Just3DeepBreaths.  Can it be that simple?  After listening to her explain her new course on how to “Breathe Like a Boss,” I think it might be.  I wanted to dig a little deeper to understand how taking #Just3DeepBreaths could help me.  I asked Sandy….

We’ve been hearing that meditation is so important for us, but some people think you have to do it for 20 minutes every day.  Can we really see/feel benefits from #Just3DeepBreaths?
YES, you really can see & feel benefits from #Just3DeepBreaths.  People are missing out on the incredible, healthy benefits of meditation because classic methods of meditation are very time-consuming. But I’ve been utilizing this modified version for over 25 years.  Ever since I began to practice yoga, I could see the benefits of breath, but I never had the patience to sit still and meditate. Thankfully, I realized that when I slowed down enough to take just three long, slow deep breaths, I could feel my energy and mindset immediately shift. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I began to find myself relying on these micro-meditations several times a day to recalibrate my mood and connect with my inner strength. I’ve never looked back.  Some meditation is better than nothing, and even just three deep breaths can make a big difference in our wellness, mood, attitude, perspective, clarity & energy. That’s a lotta stuff! 
Do I need to take #Just3DeepBreaths at specific times during the day?
The great thing about #Just3DeepBreaths is that you can access it anytime, anywhere. There are no rules about when to do it, but I suggest starting with first thing in the morning to shake off any negative thoughts or worries. Then as you begin to make it a habit, check in at meal times, so you’re likely to remember. After that, it’s whenever you notice yourself getting to the point of feeling chaotic and frazzled. Whether it’s multi-tasking too much or feeling upset, uptight, angry, frustrated…anytime that you want to get back to feeling better, more grounded, calm or energized. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t even get a minute of quiet in their day. Once you begin to notice the benefits of this quiet moment of deep breath, you begin to crave it, and you find all sorts of different times to fit it in. One example is while driving; instead of immediately turning on the radio, just listen to yourself breathe for a minute and clear your mind.
Can parents teach this to their children?  
Yes! I taught this as stress relief to my kids when they were younger. I also taught them variations of breathing techniques that make it more fun for kids. (I cover those in the eCourse as well). It’s important for kids to have an easy tool like deep breath to relieve stress or anxiety anytime and make them feel more grounded, calm or safe.
How is meditation different from prayer?
When I think of prayer, it means that I’m connecting with a higher power. It’s a more religious experience. Meditation is connecting with yourself! It’s about turning inward and getting quiet. Our minds tend always to be moving so fast, especially in our digital/connected lives that we need to have workouts for our mind as well as our body. Meditation/Deep Breaths is that workout or nourishment for our mind and soul. It’s a healthy, natural way to clear our mind, let go of extraneous thoughts, negative self-talk, worries, doubt and reconnect with ourselves, the best version of the person we want to be. It’s the easiest way to let go of negative emotions and then have the freedom and capacity to fully tap into your creativity with a fresh perspective and positive mindset. 
I don’t know about you but taking #Just3DeepBreaths sounds so much easier to incorporate into my day.  To learn more about Sandy’s “Breathe Like a Boss” eCourse,  go HERE.


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