The Selling Riddle

What was the last thing you sold?

Did you eat a new restaurant last weekend?  Was it so great that you told your best friend every detail?  Did you sell her on it?  I bet you did.  How many of you convinced your husband/boyfriend that the new Jennifer Aniston movie was really good and got him to go see it (me)?  Sold.  At the market, you see the produce guy and ask him if he has any berries that are a little fresher, you’re having this great party and…. you give him a little wink, he runs back to the cooler and presents you with a glorious pack of blackberries.  He bought your story.  Sales like these are really easy (most of the time).

In business, you have to sell.  The easy example is that you have a product or service that you are selling.  Often times, you need to sell your ideas, this is where it gets tricky if you aren’t a confident saleswoman.  How come when it comes to business we often get a little shy, perhaps even scared?  Our stomach twists, our pits start to sweat and our voice trembles.  Have we heard “no” one too many times?

I believe the answer to the riddle is you MUST truly, with your whole heart and soul, know that what you are selling the best, most awesome, totally worth every cent product or service.  Before leaping into any new venture, launching a new product or introducing a new service ask yourself, “Is this the best ______ I can offer?”  If the answer is yes, the sales will come easier.  It is when you have a bit of doubt in your delivery that people will sense it and say no.


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