This is an important thing to think about.  As the year comes to an end, it isn’t time to stop moving.  Now is the time to charge ahead, stay on track and get a game plan together for 2012.  Yeah, if you don’t do it now, you’ll spend the first few weeks of January figuring it all out and before you know it….its February.  Your business might be quiet right now if you aren’t a “holiday business” but that doesn’t mean you need to relax.  Take these quiet moments to do something to make your business grow.

Here are my top 4 things to keep the momentum going in December:

Take a webinar. Read a book on finances.  Learn a new social media platform (I like Quora).


Take 5 minutes out of your day and meditate.  Yep, I say meditate in a blog about small biz.  Let those 5 minutes clear your head for new, creative thoughts.  Let them alleviate some stress.  Let them be your 5 minutes.

3.  PLAN FOR 2012
Get a piece of paper, a journal or even “notes’ on your Smartphone and start writing stuff down you want to accomplish in January.  Then, include a list of things that you want to achieve during the year.  Even if it is only 3 things, that is a start!

Tell someone what your plans are.  Actually saying it out loud will help you realize exactly what will work.  Sometimes when you hear the words, you realize the idea needs tweaking.  Telling someone also makes you accountable.  I know…that word is so grown up and responsible.  Do it!

Here is to major success in 2012…cheers!


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