Me, Pam Anderson, Biz and Your Opinion

I read recently that bloggers were the new celebrities.  I know a blogger who just landed a hair commercial.  That was pretty rad.  I know a blogger who was in a cosmetics ad within the pages of Vogue.  That was rad, too.  But when I see Denise Richards tweeting about a frozen meal, one time, that she was probably paid thousands of dollars for…well, I have to think celebrities still have it.

Many years ago, before I was older and wiser, I had a small t-shirt business called “Penal T’s”.  I was convinced that if I just got a t-shirt on Pam Anderson, I would have a winner.  I stood on line at a local bookstore for 3 hours to meet her and give her a t-shirt.  Did she wear it?  She probably couldn’t get it over her chest.  Did she love what it said?  LOVED it!  Did she let me tell people that she had one?  Yes.  Did it land me a tiny blurb in the December issue of Playboy that year?  Yes.  Was it a Merry Christmas for Penal T’s?  You bet!  All of this happened way before famous people carried the weight that they do now.

What do you think?  Would your sales take off with the “celeb stamp of approval”?

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  • Marisa
    June 23, 2012

    That’s an awesome story. I love your determination. Inspirational!

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