This is Why I’m Hot

This is why I'm hot

I use the word “hot” a lot when describing the way being healthy, fit, and happy feels.  I think I took it for granted that everyone knew what I meant.  I was talking with a new friend last week.  She and I have never met in person but have talked on the phone and online.  We were talking about the types of clients we each work with and describing them.  The subject of “being hot” came up.  I’ve seen my new friend online, and she’s beautiful.  I’ve talked to her, and she’s smart, confident, well-spoken, and passionate.  So when she said that she hasn’t “felt hot” in years and that being hot isn’t even on her radar, I died a little inside.  She’s totally hot but doesn’t know it and if she doesn’t know it, she doesn’t even know the power that it holds.

Here’s the thing, I think that she thinks that by being hot, I meant like “walking around scantily clad, with tons of make-up, and clear plastic platform stripper shoes” hot.  LOLZZZZZ.  Sure, that’s hot, but not MY kinda hot.

You see, when I live a WOW Life (the Wheel of Wellness Life), I feel healthy, happy, energized, enthusiastic, confident, attractive, strong, smarter, positive, revved up, and ready to have fun.  Those adjectives make me feel “hot.”  Because the opposite (the Wheel of (un)Wellness)- unhealthy, lethargic, lazy, insecure, sick, negative, with zero “get up and go” – is NOT HOT.

How does being hot fit into my life?  I think my new friend thought that I strut around in a bikini all day.  If it is warm outside, she’s RIGHT!  Ha ha.  I use being hot to attract other people and experiences into my life that share that same zest for a healthy (WOW) life that I do. There isn’t a significant other, in my case, the hubs, that doesn’t want a hot partner – a partner who is confident, healthy, happy, strong, and energetic.  My hot friends want a hot friend.  In biz, I want to work with positive people who are smart – hot biz people who are going places.

I asked a group of women who I am helping get healthy, happy and yes, hotter, their definition of being hot.  This is what I got back:

  • Good skin, thinner, healthy, tone bodies, gives off good vibes. I am thinner; my skin is better and my self-confidence is definitely better.
  • Self-confidence. Strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Radiates health. Glows. Beauty from the inside out.
  • Healthy and confident.
  • Sexy… Have you seen my shoulders and collar bones. Lol. Healthy. More energy…
  • “Hot” is in the eye of the beholder. When I look in the mirror now, I’m no longer depressed. I’m IMpressed. “Look what I did!!!”
  • Self-confidence. Strong physically and emotionally. Sexy.
  • Confident, knowledgable, making the most of my day/week/life, beautiful inside and out.
  • Taking care of myself first! So true! Make time for you! Then you can give to others.
  • On fire inside and out!! On your game!!
  • Looking and feeling pretty inside and out. Having that glow about you.

They took the words right out of my mouth!

I also want to clarify that you do not need to be a certain size to be hot.  There are many size two women walking around who are miserable because they live off of caffeine and sugar.  They don’t get physical activity, and they surround themselves with Gossiping Gayles and Negative Nancys.

How do you get this hot feeling?  It comes from within, but you need some key ingredients to fuel it.  You gotta live a WOW Life.  You gotta eat whole, clean and healthy foods.  You need to get your heart rate up multiple times per week and use your muscles to build strength.  You should rest every night.  You should rejuvenate and replenish your soul.  You should surround yourself with positive people and create healthy boundaries between yourself and people who aren’t.  Protect your positive vibes.

There you go!  This is why I’m hot!



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