How I Live Consciously


Living consciously and mindfully are trending thoughts these days.  I loved learning from Keri Glassman and her third “pillar” of living a Nutritious Life. Living Consciously can take on several meanings.  Here’s Keri’s: 

Live Consciously

The environment that surrounds us can impact our health, both our mental and physical health.  There are some aspects of our environment that we can’t always control – like the traffic or the construction down the street. But there are plenty of factors that are within our reach and can make a big difference in our lifestyle and mood.  For example, make a clutter-free zone in your office or home or turn off the TV when you aren’t really watching.

I used to be so guilty of being the over-entitled, over-consuming, wasteful American.  I’m not sure what convinced me to change my ways – maybe age, this book, or trips to Europe – but I’ve changed.  Here are some ways that I live consciously:  

  • I bring my shopping bags to the market.  
  • I bought several glass bottles to refill with water for the day.  
  • I don’t flush the toilet after I pee (unless I have company coming over!)  
  • I unplug as many electronics in my house as possible.  
  • I reuse the produce bags that I get at the grocery as doggie bags.  I recycle magazines.  
  • I visit local farmer’s markets whenever possible to buy things that are produced/grown close to my home.  
  • I research companies and support the ones that are making an effort to do business consciously.  
What about you?  What do you do?  I’d love to know and learn from you.  

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