Foods That Make You Pretty


It is true – what you eat can make you pretty!

In my twenties and thirties, I ate to be skinny.  The low-fat foods, fad diets, and diet pills left me looking dull, ruddy, pimply and tired.  Today I am eating to be pretty.  Of course, I want to be pretty on the outside, but I now know that you’ve got to be pretty on the inside first.  What we take in through our mouths shows up on our bodies. Here are three foods to add to your meals today that are beauty boosters:

Half of juicy kiwi fruit on white


These little guys are filled with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin E & K.  In eating two kiwis, you get 230% of the vitamin C that you need for the day!!!  Vitamin C is a fantastic beauty booster.  Our body needs Vitamin C to make collagen – a protein that helps support tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels and keeps the skin and other organs together. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from plant-based foods and helps to strengthen our immunity system to work properly protecting us from diseases.  It also is needed to for the growth and repair of tissue in the body.  Our body does NOT store vitamin C, so we must take it in regularly!  Chop up a few for breakfast or eat two for your afternoon snack with a couple of Brazil nuts.



No, you won’t get high from eating hemp hearts, but you will have fabulous looking skin!  Hemp hearts are a complete protein, loaded with concentrated vitamins, essential fats, and enzymes.  The essential fats are omega 3, 6 and GLA – major beauty boosters!  These fats make our skin glow and our hair shiny.  They are pretty much perfect!  Add hemp hearts to your morning yogurt or to your salads.  They are chewy with a nutty flavor.



Guacamole makes us pretty!  Okay…don’t go crazy, I don’t want you dipping too many tortilla chips in it!  Avocados are brimming with good fat, fiber, potassium, carotenoids, and vitamins C, K, B6, and E.  They are a beauty-boosting powerhouse. On the inside, eating avocados will help you feel satisfied, helps things “move along”, boost your vision, help to prevent cancer, help lower cholesterol, and lower your blood pressure.  On the outside, it helps out skin glow and yes, lose weight.  Don’t grab the chips! Dice avocado on your salads, spread it on your gluten free toast and top off your soups with slim slivers.  For the record, I eat a whole avocado EVERY DAY!

Start using these #BeautyBoosters and tell me what you see!  All of these foods are on the THREE-DAY JUMPSTART.  If you haven’t signed up for it, CLICK HERE!




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