Packing for San Francisco/Trial Run for Paris

I am not a good traveler!  Not only am I afraid to fly, obsessed with germs, and a super picky eater…I ALWAYS over pack.  ALWAYS.  I am taking off for a long weekend in San Francisco and I decided that I was going to be a different packer this trip.  Inspired by countless posts on Pinterest about packing, I have decided to really pare down and I think it worked!!!

I am not going to show you all that I packed but I will say this…that LV garment bag above is usually so stuffed that we have made late night trips to Staples to weigh it and make sure that it under 60 lbs.  Today?  It MIGHT weigh 25!  AND…there is enough room inside of the LV Weekender to stow the Deuville that holds all of the lotions and potions.  That means I will be traveling with only two bags that I can carry myself.  This is HUGE.  Okay, what is inside and where did I pare down?

I love pajamas and I will usually take a few pairs of flannel ones on a trip like this where it will be cool.  This time, I am taking Frette silk pajamas and they weigh like 3 pounds less and take way less room.

I workout on every vacation!  Getting to run or take a fitness class in a different city is as much fun as trying a new restaurant so I always make room for workout clothing.  I pared down this trip by bringing lightweight running skirts and  only ONE heavy long sleeve that will match both skirts vs. one for each outfit.

This little LV crossbody purse forced me to take a tiny wallet and one lip gloss.  There is just enough room for my phone and since it has such a great camera, I’ll be leaving the Leica at home.

And, now for the shoes….

I think I have my bases covered for day and night with Mr. Valentino, Mr. Loubuotin and Mr. Blahnik.   A pair of flip flops didn’t make it into the picture.  This trip, I decided to not bring a pair of boots which I know are freeing up space.  I also have decided that I don’t need a different dressy outfit for each night (another first for me).

What you aren’t seeing are the uniform jeans, white tees and black blazer.  Again, odd for me because I usually want an “outfit” for each day.  We shall see if this new way of packing works for me.  I have a trip to Paris next month that is three times as long and has most of my closet yelling “Bring Me to Paris!”  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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