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Hey there Blog Reader,

I am a freak about a few things.  Fitness, fashion, nutrition, shoes, Hermes, Goyard and reality TV.  I am a total tech Geekette and I am OBSESSED with entrepreneurs!  I love hearing how people got started in small biz.  I LOVE to help people brainstorm ideas to make their small biz dreams a reality.   I am a “Leader at Large” for a womens entrepreneur Community called SMARTY and part of a team called The Biz BFFs.  I own a couple of businesses myself and I encounter many people in various stages of small biz development.  All of these experiences have given me a ton of insight into what makes entrepreneurs rock and roll, what can make a small biz and what can break one.  I have also formed a lot of opinions based on the successes I have had and the mistakes I have made.  This little blog is my chance to teach, inspire, enlighten, vent and share all things small biz.

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