In The Zone

Do you know someone who is totally in their zone? 

She just seems like she has got it totally together.  Her business is cranking, she always has rockin’ ideas, her attitude is sparkling, and she probably has perfect skin, too.  Do you think she ever hits a road block?  Her flow gets plugged?  Her mojo turns sour?  Her match starts to blow out?  Uhhh, YEAH!  It happens to Miss Perfect and it happens to all of us.

What do you do when you need to get your groove back?

I get a good night of sleep.  I eat really clean and workout hard.  I read a great book.  I sit in the sun for a few minutes.  I play with my dog, Kip.  I turn to my SMARTY Community.  I’ll attend an event, a course or a book club.  I’ll turn off social media.  I’ll listen to a CarSmart cd.  I’ll give myself a really good blow out and wear a GREAT outfit just to go deliver some mail to my office.  I’ll play with the baby next door.  Those are a few of mine, share a few of yours.

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