6 Weeks Until Summer/June!



6 Weeks!

Coachella, Passover and Easter are behind us.  Our east coast friends had a warmer weekend and allergy season is in full bloom in California.  I can feel it in the air and I can see it all around.  The ties are loosening, the dresses are coming out and people are easing up.  SIX weeks until June.  Here’s what I’m telling my clients this week:


You are lifting some iron, right?  I’m a cardio queen (running, indoor cycling) but lifting weights is one of the #1 ways to change the look of your body.  We all know the the myth of “spot reducing” has been busted.  You just can’t look at your upper arms and do some arm circles thinking they will shrink.  You CAN reshape them!  Lifting weights will DO that.  By increasing the muscle mass of your triceps (located in the back of the upper arm), you can eliminate the flabby flab and replace it with a sculpted, tight muscle.  The size might be the same but it isn’t going to flap in the wind.  Same with the gluteal group in your booty and your inner thigh muscles (the adductor group).  Let’s tighten the muscles up!

Goal for the week: 

Determine a part of your body that you want to be a little tighter and have more shape.  Add three new exercises, with weights, to help build that muscle.  Although not the most attractive website, I like Bodybuilding.com to research exercises.  Like I talked about last week, we get into ruts.  We do the same exercises week after week.  It’s time to change it up.  Remember this:  The heavier the weight, the better.  Don’t worry, you aren’t going to turn into Arnold.  I promise!


Confession Time.  The first thing I do when I hop out of bed is look at my stomach.  I’m fascinated by what it looks like in the morning depending on what I ate the night before and when I ate it.  If I ate something salty or carb-y later than usual, chances are pretty good that my stomach isn’t going to be a flat as it would be if I ate a small-ish dinner early in the evening.  I tell you this not to make you check out your 6 pack every morning but to make you aware that it DOES matter what you eat and when you eat it.  Remember that saying, “Eat like a queen at breakfast, a princess at lunch and a pauper at dinner”?  I follow this!  Besides filling up on too many calories before you go to bed, eating too much late at night prevents you from sleeping well.  Who can sleep with an undigested burrito and two margaritas in their belly?

Goal for the week:

Start cutting back the amount of food that you are eating at night.  Start trying to eat foods that are lighter, less salty and less carb-y (that’s a word, right?)  See how you feel.  Do you sleep better?  Are your eyes less puffy?  All right….is your stomach flatter?


FOMO. Living out loud.  #Selfies.  We spend our days broadcasting our lives.  I will be the first to admit (it’s still confession time, right?) that I love to live out loud!  I love sharing.  I’m talkative by nature so if the convo is online, that’s where I’m at!  I came across the picture above and kind of dig it.

Goal for the week: 

Plan something, do something, go somewhere.  Go alone, go with someone special.  Here’s the kicker….keep it A SECRET!


I love it when it gets super warm in the late winter and everyone pulls out whatever shorts are on top of the stack from last summer.  See, I know they are from last summer because they are all faded out!  You put them away for the winter, along with the bikinis and then when you pull them out the next spring, they’ve lost their color.  How did these orange shorts turn peach?

Goal for the week:

Pull out your summer shorts, dresses and swimwear.  Throwaway the faded stuff, the bikini bottoms with the stretched out elastic, and the dress that got torn over Labor Day weekend.   Take inventory of what you need for the season.  Start shopping!  <—-don’t you love it when someone tells you to shop?  Go ahead.  I said that it’s okay!




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