Using Music to Brand Your Biz

I’m officially addicted to THIS song and I’ve been sharing it across all of my social media platforms to get my personal training clients excited about next week’s workouts.  I use music a lot in my marketing and branding.  Remember, all of your social media efforts (blogging, tweeting, etc) should do at least ONE of three things: EXCITE, INSPIRE or EDUCATE.  Here are some of the things that music does:

*It let’s people know a little bit about me (inspire, excite & educate)

*It gets people looking forward to their next session with me (excites)

*I’m turning them on to artists they may not have heard of (educates)

*I’m giving them ideas to new songs to add to their own playlists (inspire)

Here are some things you can do with music in your world:

*Create a weekly playlist for your shop and post it on your blog

*Ask your Facebook followers to comment on what song was the most played this summer on their iPod

*Create a #TuneTuesday post each week and highlight a song

*Do an Instagram video of your favorite recipe and have a song in the background that ties in and link it in the post.  Cheesy Example:  Your skinny margarita recipe video with “Tequila” playing in the background.

I looooove music and think that we aren’t using it enough.  Try some of these ideas and tweet me some ideas of how you use music in your biz.

2 Responses
  • Tera Stephens
    August 21, 2013

    Harper is OBSESSED with that jam! We only had to listen to her “river song” 1569 times this weekend! Love these ideas to use music to excite, inspire and educate! We could post what we’re listening to in the salon!

    • Cassie
      August 24, 2013

      It is a GREAT song!!!!!
      Yes, a salon playlist would be the bomb!

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