Mining for Followers on Instagram #Local2Global



Mining for gold is kind of like mining for followers; it takes time but it’s worth it.

I’ve had such great feedback from fitness professionals about upping their game on Instagram.  It really is a great way to attract a global client.  So you have your account, you are uploading great content and now you need people to follow you!  It doesn’t happen overnight but I have a couple of ways to speed up the process.

1.  Choose a GREAT username.  By great, I mean unusual.  Your name is unique but it isn’t going to stand out.  Choose a name that turns heads.  @FitnessBeast @FitIsMyLife @TrainLikeMike (these are examples, I have no idea if they exist).  One of my friends uses the name @KnockedUpFit.  This is perfect because her target client is pregnant moms.  Stay away from using numbers ( @GetFit999 ), those names tend to look “sales-y”.  I also tell clients not to us underscores in their usernames ( @FitGirl_Pink ).  They tend to make it harder for people to type out because it often means switching to a different keypad on the phones.

Why is a username so important?

2.  I have found one of the best ways to get followers is by commenting on the posts of your target audience.  This works a couple of ways. The person you are commenting on will see your comment and hopefully connect or follow you because you left such a great comment.  The party bonus is that if you post a great comment, those who comment after you, especially the next 2-4 people (because that is how many comments you usually see at first glance under a photo) will see your clever name and say,  “@KnockedUpFit…what a great name, I wonder what she does?” and they click on your account, and hopefully follow.  For example, @KnockedUpFit wants to attract a global pregnant client.  She will start to follow people/companies that attract pregnant women.  She follows @Honest a company that makes organic baby products.  She starts to comment under their posts and voila, she gets followers who are in her target audience.

3.  When people start commenting on your posts, talk back!  Start a convo.

I know, I know…you think this is going to take time out of your day.  Taking your client from local to global is now part of your biz.  Take 10 minutes per day to work Instagram.  Follow 5 new people per day, comment on 5 posts per day and post a couple pictures/videos each day.

Let me know how some of these strategies work for you!



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