Book Review: “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuk

I was sitting on my couch one night and I laughed so hard and loud, I woke my husband out of his “CNN Coma”.  “What the hell is so funny?” the hubs asked.  “Gary just Tweeted me!!!!!!” I mean that was just the coolest.  Gary Vaynerchuk, my social media idol, just responded to a tweet I wrote about him!  I can sit next to Brad Pitt at The Ivy and keep my cool but Gary Vaynerchuk mentioning me in a tweet?  I die.  I love pretty much everything he does.  I love the videos and I loved “Crush It”.  I have recommended it over and over to new entrepreneurs and burned out small biz owners.  Of course I was going to dig “The Thank You Economy”.  Wellllll….

Okay, I did like it.  But I am a social media junkie!  I don’t need to be sold on why I need to do it.  I know my customers are talking and I am listening and I’m talking back. So who is the book for?  This is the BEST book to give to a client who just isn’t sure investing dollars or time into social media is for them.  It is perfect for the old guy who owns the bakery down the street who squawks because the new cupcake businesses are making a dent in his profits.  I’d love every large corporation who has tape over their ears to read it.  You know the ones; they can’t hear what we are saying about them, their product or their service.

Gary gives such beautiful examples of why engaging with our customers has never been easier.  Within seconds of receiving great or not so great service, a customer can turn to social media and scream it to the world.  Companies now have the chance to answer back immediately!  They can thank the customer for sharing her good experience or jump in and resolve a negative issue.  Aaah, I love this concept.  It is so simple.  Still, there are companies big and small who think this fad will pass.  Do you work for one?  Do you own one?  THIS is the book you need to read.

I still love Gary and I’m glad I read it.  Did I learn a lot? Not necessarily but some of the best habits need to be reinforced and The Thank You Economy definitely did that and I know that I can pass along the book to potential clients who I know will need it.


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