The WOW Life Bridal Edition


I created this program because I love working with brides! Brides are typically super motivated to look and feel their best for the Big Day. I found that most programs left brides feeling deprived, hungry, and tired. You don’t want to feel like that! You need energy. I developed a program that will help you feel sleek and gorgeous, make your skin glow, your mood lifted and feel confident in your dress. Oh Yes! Mothers of the Bride, Maids of Honor, and Bridesmaids love this program, as well.

This program includes:

*Meal breakdowns for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner
*Ideas and suggestions for each meal
*A few WOW recipes
*The WOW Life Portion Guide
*Top tips for maximum success

This is a downloadable program that you can save to a device or print out as a hard copy.


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