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She Werks It

College Babes – I’ve touched base on fitness and nutrition.  Let’s talk about your mind!  You’ve got a LOT on your plate – school, maybe a job or your first internship, living away from home, new friends, and a new city – how will you deal with it all!  This week, I asked the coolest College Babe I know, my daughter, to share with you some of her strategies.  Paisley, is a Senior at Boston University.  She just took her LSAT, is applying to law school, and is the Resident Advisor of her dorm.  All of this adds up to S T R E S S.  She also has a passion project called, “She Werks It!”  Check it out HERE.   

Here is what I asked her to share:  

1.  What are your tips for managing the stress of being away at college as a freshman? 

This is a hard question because everyone stresses out about different things during their freshman year. Some practices that helped me were to work out, take walks and listen to music, and of course, make time for myself (aka Netflix). On a deeper level, my worries were about missing out or not doing college “right,” so I would try to stay calm by reminding myself that I didn’t need to have it all figured out (because I was a freshman), and that it wasn’t as if I had only one year to prove myself. You have four years to experience everything, so don’t feel like you have to say YES to every opportunity that comes your way. 

2.  What are your tips on getting a good night’s sleep in a dorm? 

You mean when it’s loud, your roommate still has her her light on, and there’s a party outside? Invest early in some ear buds, a sleeping mask, and a good mattress pad. Make yourself as comfortable as possible so you want to fall asleep and will not be as easily distracted by whatever is happening around you. Getting your sleep is very important!

3.  What tips do you have for dealing with homesickness? 

Calling or Skyping home is a great way to get in touch with your family and friends, but sometimes it’s best to give yourself some “tough love” too. Going away to college is your first step into the real world, where you may or may not be living close to home. I moved from California to Boston, and when I start to feel homesick I sometimes remind myself that if I want to live on the East Coast after college, this is the perfect time to practice being away and finding things to do when you feel like this. Another tip is to distract yourself by doing homework, going to club meetings, or getting dinner with a friend. Little things like that will keep you present.

Like these tips?  Share them with people who need to hear them! 


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