How to Recover from Too Much Saturday Night


Ooops! Was that too loud? Should I whisper that? Did you overdo it last night? Head feeling heavy? Eyes swollen with salt? Tummy looking a little…full? Here are my TOP SIX tips for the day after.

#1 GET UP! Yes, that is in caps. I’m yelling at you. Get up. Get the fluids moving in your body.

#2 Drink something more than water. You want to start flushing salt and _________ (insert whatever you over did it with there) so that your body begins to recover. Your best bet? Dandelion tea, coconut water, aloe vera juice or water with lemon in it.

#3 Turn off the negative self-talk. You aren’t a failure. You aren’t going to get fat. Turn ON the positive vibes. It’s Sunday! You have all day to rejuvenate.

#4 Eat something clean. You are up, you are drinking, now eat something that sends the mind and body the message that you are back to taking care of it. A slice of toast with smashed avocado topped with an egg. Sprinkle lemon pepper all over it. Drink some more fluids!

#5 MOVE the bod. Go for a walk, run, hike, bike ride or swim. Do something outdoors. Get a little vitamin D. Drink some more!

#6 DON’T take a nap and DON’T stay up too late. You need to be fresh on Monday. Napping can interfere with your usual sleep pattern. Drink some chamomile tea about 90 minutes before bed. Climb in at 9:30 or 10 PM and get some good rest.

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