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I’m a huge Pilates Nerd.  I recently started teaching at Villa Pilates and Yoga in Newport Beach, CA and here is a post I did for their blog.

Q. What inspires you?
A. This is a crazy answer but I’m inspired by two completely opposite things. Music rules my world. It can inspire me to turn up the intensity of a workout or slow me down at the end of a busy day. A good beat makes me want to dance but moving words makes me want to cry. On the other end of the spectrum, silence is golden. If I need to get creative, I turn everything off. When I write for my blog, I need to have silence to get inspired. I love to run and while music drives me in all other areas of fitness, the silence of a run at the beach inspires all sorts of amazing ideas.

Q, Why did you begin practicing Pilates?
A. I took my first Reformer class on a ski trip to Aspen 15 years ago! I knew I loved it and had to start doing it when I got home. About 2 months into my practice, I watched an older woman perform the “short spine” exercise with such grace and fluidity. I turned to my instructor and said, “I will always do this. I want to have a young, supple spine when I’m that age.” I should add that woman to the “what inspires me” answer because she inspired my love of Pilates.

Q. What is the best lifestyle tip?
A. I love this question! I believe that you have to take care of YOU first! You need to schedule your workouts and make them non-negotiable. You need to plan and prep your meals so that you are eating well. You need to keep a regular sleep schedule. When you take care of all of this first, you will take care of everyone else better. If Momma (girlfriend, wife, boss, daughter, sister, employee) isn’t happy, nobody is happy!

Q. What is your favorite thing about Villa?
A. I’ve been a student of Villa for close to four years! I have made some really GREAT friends that I’ve been able to laugh and cry with. I get my fitness, I get some shopping therapy and even got my produce there this past winter! I mean how great that a little place like Villa fills up so much of my life!

Q. What makes you smile?
A. I smile when: I see my daughter for the first moment as she steps out the airport doors upon returning from college in Boston. When I drop her off at the airport to go back to college. Not because she’s leaving but because I know I have raised a strong, independent young lady that can handle herself with class out in the world.
When I am wearing the perfect, black bikini.
When I snuggle with my dog, Mr. Kip.
When the hubs brings me candy. What? I like candy!!!


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