Three Little Things That I Love Big Time

It’s the little things, right?  The small things that I get excited about during a regular Monday.  Here are three small things that excite me BIG time.


That bottle I’m holding makes me verrry happy.  Gomasio can be found at most “healthy” markets.  The one I like best is a blend of sesame seeds and salt.  From Eden Food’s website, Goma means sesame and shio means salt. Gomasio is low sodium sesame salt, a condiment of organic roasted sesame seed and EDEN Sea Salt. Eastern cultures do not put straight salt on food. They use condiments like gomasio to better balance and enhance. Sesame’s oil is released by roasting, coats the salt and amplifies it for more taste from less salt.”  I put it on avocado toast, edamame, green veggies, and black rice bowls.  It’s delish and organic. There are a few more varieties, and you can see them HERE


Not the kind we eat.  The uber-trendy essential oils.  I wanted an unbiased opinion on how to incorporate them into my life.  I needed an oil guide. I heard Hope Gillerman on my fave podcast and knew she was it!  Her book, “Essential Oils Every Day” was short, sweet and to the point.  She taught me that I could get away with just five foundation oils and how to use them correctly in my home and on my body.  I keep the book on my bedside table and find it rather soothing to read before I fall asleep.


I hate cold feet.  I hate hot feet.  I like to moisturize my feet at night.  I must have socks on my feet at night.  Some socks fall off.  Some socks are too think.  I have wood floors and must have grippy balls, or I’ll slip and slide around the house.  I FINALLY found the perfect sock.  These Pilates Socks from Sweaty Betty (what a coincidence) are my faves.  They are just perfect.

P.S. These bars are also small and make me smile BIG.  Get the recipe here.


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