Put Down the Banana Bread and Let’s Move the Needle!

WTF!  A pandemic?

We are living in an unprecedented time. The whole country…I mean, the world has been shut down for over six weeks.  COVID-19 has taken hold of our lives.  If you haven’t had it, you are worried about getting it.  You’ve been told to “shelter in place” and to work from home.  You may have been furloughed, or you may have been hired for a job you never applied for…homeschool mom.  If you are anything like me, the first few weeks left me crying almost every day, eating things I wouldn’t have normally eaten, and lying awake worrying about where I’d find masks, Lysol, and toilet paper.  Your home has been turned upside down!  Your husband is now home all day.  Your college kids have unwillingly returned from out of state school. You are expected to keep your dogs quiet while your boss does a sales presentation on Zoom in his sweatpants.  We’ve lost freedom, and we’ve lost control.

Personally, I’ve been too much in my head, and I need to get out of it!  Ya…I’m busy steering the ship at GritCycle, but I need to do more.  While I was in the shower this afternoon, I decided on a whim that I would reboot one of my favorite challenges, “Move the Needle May.”  Like you, I’ve gotten on the make your own sourdough bread train.  I’ve also said, “fuck it…pass me the candy jar!” too many times.  I’ve decided that it all needs to stop.  I can’t control a virus, but I can control my health and wellness.  You can, too.  May 1st is just around the corner.  Let’s do this thing!

Over a thousand women (and a few men) have completed this month-long challenge.  I’ve rebooted it, and I want you in!  Once a week, for the next four weeks, you’ll receive an email explaining the focus for the week ahead.  Don’t worry!  It’s nothing too hard, too expensive, or too uncomfortable.  Each week will challenge you to make a few changes in your health and wellness routine.  These changes mostly revolve around nutrition.  Each change, if you stick with it, will begin to move your needle.  For some, you’ll want the needle on the scale to move.  For others, you want the needle on your energy tank to go up.  Stick with me for the month, and the needles will move!

To join in, go to this link and sign up.  You know that accountability is everything, so send this post to your best “quaranTEAM” friend and get them to join, too.

I’m excited to get this rebooted challenge going!  It’s a good one.




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