How to Handle The Day After

The Day After can be the worst!  Weddings, birthday parties, the Super Bowl….waking up feeling horrid because you over-indulged the night before can make anyone want to pull the covers back on and stay in bed.  When you finally emerge and realize that you ate way too much food, and you want to get back on track immediately, here are my top tips:

1.  Go back to the #3DayJumpStart and do it!  Plan ahead of time and have everything in your kitchen so that you can start the day after your event.

2.  One of my favorite ways to feel better in just ONE day is to do a fully raw day.  Yep!  Nothing but raw fruits and veggies for one full day.  In combination with a lot of water, lemon water, and tea, you will feel like a million bucks in 24 hours!  Again, you need to plan for this and have your raw food in the house and ready to go.

3.  Consciously indulge over the weekend and do the Seven to Sleek program during the week.  You can buy it HERE and download it immediately (if it doesn’t end up in your inbox, check your spam or social folders).

4.  Make the day after a “FIT” day!  Wake up early and hit up your favorite fitness class.  This class should be one that is super sweaty!  Eat your normal, healthy meals.  Go for an infrared sauna session.  Take an afternoon walk or bike ride.  Get a massage in the late afternoon.  Do a Restorative Yoga class before bed.  


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