Recap & Playlist from Fitness, Food and Girlfriends South OC Meet Up Ride!

Today was GREAT!  Thanks to the ladies and token husband from the “Fitness, Food and Girlfriends South OC” Meet Up group.  I had a fun time introducing you to the new GRIT Cycle in Monarch Beach.  A few of you asked me for a copy of the playlist, so I thought I’d add it here with some follow-up info.

*Don’t forget to check out Jessica, Grit’s Instructor of the Month, on the schedule.  You can take any of her classes marked with an asterisk * next to her name for $15!

*If you have friends that you’d like to invite to GRIT, you can share the “gritstrong” promo code with them for a complimentary ride.  If you missed today’s ride and you’d like to try out a class, feel free to use that same promo code.

*Follow GRIT on Instagram at @GritCycleMB for flash sales and special events.  Follow ME on Instagram for all sorts of crazy fun at @SmartyCassie.

I look forward to seeing you again!




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