Feel Like Giving Up? The Third Week of January


It takes 21 days to create a habit…or so “they” say.  Who are “they” anyways?  January is that BIG month of hopes, dreams and desires.  If you haven’t created any new healthy habits in the first three weeks of the month, you are probably feeling deflated, frustrated and well…kind of like 2014.  But I don’t want you feeling deflated!  I want you to feel empowered.  Here are a few tips to get you fired up to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals.

  • Get social!
    Find a Facebook group centered around fitness and get posting! Being active online with a group of people who share the same goals is the perfect way to be accountable.
  • Don’t create a BIG goal.
    Set a goal that you can accomplish in one month, then break it down into small goals for each week. Instead of saying, “I want to lose 50 pounds in 2015”, say, “I’m going to lose 5 pounds in January.” Then you know that you’ll need to lose about one pound per week. So much easier to accomplish.
  • Don’t try to overhaul your whole diet in one chunk!
    When you completely change your food intake in one swoop, you set yourself up for mistakes and being unprepared in this unchartered territory. I suggest that you choose one meal a week to overhaul. Start with breakfast. Find 2-3 options that taste good and keep you feeling full for 3-4 hours. Get comfortable with buying the ingredients and preparing the meal, and then move onto lunch.
  • Add a Rev Up!
    A Rev Up is a fast, 30 minute “extra” workout that you do first thing in the morning. You open your front door and walk or run for 15 minutes, turn around and come back! If you do your regular workout first thing in the morning, add the Rev Up in the evening. This is can be done on a treadmill or indoor cycle, too.
  • Follow the 3-2-1 plan when planning your workouts.
    When planning your workouts, aim for three cardio sessions, two weight training sessions and one mind/body workout, like yoga each week.

I don’t care if you aren’t reading this until April; it’s never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  Go for it!!!!  Feeling stuck on what to eat?  Get the Three-Day JumpStart for free.  See that little picture of blueberries on your right?  Fill that out, and it’s yours.



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