10 Things to Say Instead of Let’s Go!


Do you feel that you are repeating yourself over and over during your classes?  That you get stuck using the same phrase during a climb, the same thought during your favorite song or the same three words when you want your class to pick up speed?  Me, too!

Here are 10 things that you can say to your class instead of let’s go.  Many of these can be used in bootcamp classes or other “group” style classes.  They aren’t just for indoor cycling.

1.  I want you to work a little harder than you told yourself you would in the parking lot.
2.  I want you to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
3.  Think of someone you know who can’t ride.  Maybe it’s physically impossible for them, maybe they live somewhere without a studio, maybe they can’t afford to ride.  Push harder for them.
4.  I want you to push harder because there is someone in this room who thinks you can!
5.  You got out of bed, you skipped lunch, you paid for this class, you passed on drinks with your co-workers…make it worth it!
6.  Bikini bodies are made in the winter. (YES!  Many people are motivated by looks and that’s cool.  It will also make the room smile!)
7.  I want you to push up this climb just a bit harder than you pushed in the first climb.
8.  Close your eyes and just push (or sprint, work..whatever your vocab is) for yourself.  Not me. Not the person in front of you…just you.
9.  Move with control, move with power, move with strength, move with purpose.  Ride with intention.
10.  Move together.  Look at the room. When we ride as a team, a pack, we have more energy.  We propel each other.

I know you have a few of your own, so share away!  On a side note…I asked three people who take indoor cycling classes what their favorite motivational word/phrase was and guess what?  Each of them said sometimes they just want the class to be a party and not have to get all deep.  Food for thought!



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