Learning to Thrive in the Phases of the Moon – Workshop



I’m always looking for ways to build positive, motivating momentum in my life and in the lives of my clients.  I’ve been studying different ways to use the power of the lunar cycle to create positive energy and release negative energy.  A few months ago, I heard Ambi Sitham on one of my fave podcasts.  She was talking about this exact subject.  When I found out that she lived in Los Angeles, I reached out to her to see if she would come to Newport Beach and teach a workshop.  The stars must have been aligned, because she said, “YES!”

Ambi taught us to use the power of the new moon to manifest things we want to see grow or become better in our lives.  The sky is so dark with that sliver of a moon, and we can paint our desires in it.  You can choose anything to manifest that is positive, but it becomes even more powerful to choose things based on where the new moon falls within the astrological natural chart (Libra, Gemini, Leo, etc.) and where that sign is in your natal chart.  During a full moon, our ‘shadows” are illuminated.  We can use this illumination to release things that aren’t serving us.  Again, using the sign of where the full moon falls, both in the natural chart and in our natal charts, to know where to look for these shadows when they are not glaringly obvious.  I know!  It sounds confusing.  Luckily, Ambi will be launching this same workshop online.  Get on her mailing list a.s.a.p.!

We all took pages and pages of notes, and we were so lucky to have been inspired by Ambi and all of her knowledge, wisdom, and lovely energy.


After the workshop, we were treated to the yummiest “Moon Balls” compliments of The unBakery.  OMGeeeeee.  These gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, raw, and low sugar truffles were amazing.  Check them out at the Farmer’s Market in Irvine, CA.

All of the attendees received a Swag Bag because I lovvveeeee presents!  The highlights were:


Body Vibes energy stickers from Skin Worship


Oils and scrubs from Hush Beauty Labs


Mushroom Hot Cocoa from Four Sigmatic


My hand sanitizer of choice from Elyptol


The next WOW Life Workshop is already in the works for early November.  Stay tuned for more details!



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