November Reflection

Last week was our last SMARTY event for 2011, I have just inserted 2011 into my agenda and I’m planning year-end bonuses for my staff.  For me, these are all signs that the end of the year is upon us.  I took some time to reflect over all that I have accomplished in the last 10 ½ months in my businesses and in my personal life.  I did a whole lotta living!  I made of list of the things that took a lot of my time and gave me great returns and the things that didn’t pay off as well.  I took that list and realized there were some things that I really think are still worth pursuing and I just need to tweak how I am doing them and some things that I love but need to just put away completely or at least for now.  If I don’t take at least a peek at how I worked THIS year, how can I grow NEXT year if I continue doing some of the things that weren’t as good as they could be?  This exercise is on the top of my to-do list to complete by November 30th.  That way I have a good 4 weeks to strategize what 2012 will look like for me.  I want that head start or I will find myself creating goals all the way through mid-February.  Do you do exercises like this?  I’m curious; what are you going to do different?  Are you going to tweak how you do stuff to make it work?  I’d love for you to share.


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