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Yes, that is really her!  She is this pretty!

What?!  I’m reviewing a diet book on my small biz/entrepreneur blog?  You betcha! I originally found Lauren Slayton on Twitter (@Foodtrainers) way back when I first starting tweeting!  I loved the fact that she had created a hashtag so that clients (or anyone in the Twitterverse) could tweet her an S.O.S. about a particular food that they were craving, staring at or about to devour.  It was #TIDEI “tweet it don’t eat it”.  I thought this was so clever and have recommended some of my clients to try out the same strategy for their businesses.  I began to follow her blog because if she was this clever on Twitter, I needed to see what else she did to attract clients.  So what started out as small biz voyeurism, turned into a nutrition learning experience.

As much as I love entrepreneurs, my lifelong passion is health and fitness.  I am certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and spin teacher.  I work with all different types of clients with varying goals.  Around this time of the year, I get a lot of new clients who made the resolution to lose weight and get fit.  Inevitably, they are reading the latest diet book and hell-bent on losing their “holiday pudge”.  I feel that being the good fitness pro that I am, it is my responsibility to read as many new books as possible to stay in touch with what they might bring to the table.  I also like to have an arsenal of books that I believe in to hand out when I feel it is needed.  When I found out that Lauren was writing one, I jumped at the chance for an advance copy to read and review!  For you small biz people still reading this…she put together a “blog tour” to promote the book.  One blogger a day for two weeks will put out their review.  There was a cute graphic to go along with it and each blogger is promoting the others.  I told you!!!!!  She is clever!!

Okay…about the book.  First, The Little Book of Thin is just that…thin.  This makes it super easy to carry around, jot down notes and bring to the market to refer back to as you are shopping.  I recommend a hard copy so that you can do just that.  While I think any person can pick up this book and follow her advice and guidelines and successfully lose weight, I also think that it is pretty strict.  This could be intimidating to a first timer with a lot of weight to lose.  I think the book is ideal for someone who struggles with the last 15 pounds that she has been gaining and losing over and over again.  Or, for someone like me.  I don’t have any weight to lose but could definitely stand to “clean up” my diet.  I need to get rid of the chemicals, the crap, the carbs and the candy.


My shopping cart filled with Lauren’s suggestions

Lauren does a great job of recreating many of the scenarios that we are faced with every day that prevent us from eating properly.  The book is filled with many puns and catchy phrases that you will find yourself repeating when faced with an off-limits food or sticky situation.  May favorite one is “At times little white lies are better than lots of white food.”  This one will come in handy at all of my family functions where chips, dips and lemon bars out number anything green.

Besides the nutrition information, there are guidelines for fitness.  This is so important because I often hear people say, “I’ll start working out once I lose the weight.”   Sorry, folks.  That isn’t the most efficient way to do things.

Like any diet book, there are recipes.  I often find that I skip over this section in most diet books.  I don’t need 12 ways to cook chicken.  I need one.  This turned out to be the coolest section in The Little Book of Thin.  The recipes are easy, great for making ahead and guess what???  The family even gave the No-Fuss Fish two thumbs up!  I will be honest and say that my grocery bill has gone up a smidgen.  The ingredients can be pricey.  Especially because I already cook 99% of our meals at home so it’s not like I’m saving money because we aren’t going out.  This is just something that we have to chalk up to the fact that food is our medicine and it’s worth it to make sure it’s the best medicine we can give it.


No-Fuss Fish that the family loved!

My copy of The Little Book of Thin is covered with notes, has a few olive oil splatters and stays in my glove compartment so that I can take it into the market.  These are all signs that I love it!!!  I’ve already referred a couple of clients to it and I’m excited to see how they implement it into their routines.  Of course, I still check the #TIDEI feed on Twitter.  I just love to see the S.O.S. messages!  They make me feel like I’m not alone in the crusade to remain thin.

You can read more about Lauren, her company Foodtrainers and her services HERE.  I also love her Instagram feed!

2 Responses
  • Lauren
    January 13, 2014

    Yes- I’m clever, great post. Thanks Cassie.

  • Joanna
    January 14, 2014

    Cassie, that shopping basket looks amazing!! FT- approved indeed. I totally agree with you on the recipes sections in books. I really just need a one “go-to” recipe and I’m all set. So glad No Fuss Fish was a hit!!

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