7 Questions…A Snapshot of an Entrepreneur: Stacey Gitten


Stacey Gitten, Hitching Post Public Relations

1.  What is your elevator pitch?  In other words, what do you do?

I handle PR for wedding professionals (planners/designers, photographers, florists, etc) – from media relations to industry relations and everything in between – helping them get the publicity, recognition and buzz they deserve.

2.  What were you doing at 7am today?

It’s 630a now and I’m working a bit then I hope to go for a walk to run some errands before starting a full day.

3.  Where and when are you the most productive?

In my office, early in the morning before the phone can start ringing and emails start dinging.

4.  If you could spend 24 hours with someone who could inspire you in your business, who would it be?

Gosh – could I morph someone who is motivational/inspirational in business (like Oprah), with someone who is a brilliant business mind (like Steve Jobs), with someone who is a creative business mind (like Seth Godin)?

5.  What is your entrepreneurial etiquette tip?

Be present, Be Personal AND follow up, follow through. I feel that the foundation of your business should be your network and in order to build a strong network for your foundation you need to really connect with people. Whether you’re at a mixer or on the phone, really engage (and be present) and get to know the person (business-wise and personally too). Follow up with your contacts (to say how nice it was to meet or see them, to re-connect and check-in, or even for no reason at all) to grow the relationship. And always follow through.

6.  If you weren’t an entrepreneur, what would you be doing?

I honestly can’t imagine – I feel like all of my past steps (MA in psychology, corporate event planner, non-profit event planner, opening 2 boutique hotels) has led me to be exactly where I should be – an entrepreneur that ‘married’ my passion for special events with my excitement for spreading the buzz.

7.  Where will you be at 7pm tonight?

With my husband


You can find Stacey on Twitter @HitchingPostPR

photo credit: Studio EMP Inc


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