How I Stopped My Hair From Falling Out


My husband used to tease me because he’d find so much of my hair in the shower.  “How do you have any hair left?” is what he would exclaim holding up a big clump of my long tresses.  I never noticed that was my hair was thinning until about a year ago.  I know that I shouldn’t be so vain, but it really bothered me.  I assumed it was due to age and the fact that I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 25+ years.  At a recent medical check-up, I learned that this was not the case.

I’ve had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis for about 22 years.  I’ve taken an ever increasing daily dose of Synthroid.  A few months ago, I had my annual blood work done, and in addition to my thyroid numbers being wonky, my ferritin had plummeted to 11.  Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in our tissue, and it should be a minimum of 75.  11?!  Really??!!!  It turns out that Synthroid can cause the ferritin levels to drop.  UGH.  I did not want to take an iron supplement because I had heard that you get constipated from taking them.  I told my doc that I could get the levels up by eating iron-rich foods and he kind of rolled his eyes at me.  Two months and a TON of leafy greens later, I was up to 14.  And my hair was getting thinner.  I couldn’t take.  I gave in, researched iron supplements and started taking them.

DUDE!!!!!  I went from losing a clump of hair every day in the shower to losing three strands.  THREE STRANDS!!!  Gimme more iron!

Yes!  The hair loss has stopped, and I’ve had no negative side effects from the iron.  I’ve added two other things to support healthy iron levels.  Here’s everything that I’m taking.

Pure Encapsulations OptiFerin-C

I take two of these per day, separately and with food. The “C” is vitamin C, and this is the magic ingredient that prevents constipation.

VeganSafe B12

This is a liquid that I squirt from the dropper into my mouth in the morning before I drink my smoothie.

Vimergy Barley Grass

I use two teaspoons of this powder in my daily smoothie.  I don’t taste it in the smoothie.  It blends up easily!

I go back to the doc in a few weeks for another blood test.  I’ll report back with my new ferritin levels.  For now, the hair loss has stopped, and I can see the new hairs growing back in.  I’m elated!!!!!

**For the record, all of these supplements are available over the counter, but you should always consult with your health care practitioner before adding these products to your day.

2 Responses
  • Janet
    August 15, 2018

    Hi great info, did this regimen help Ferritin level go up? if so to how much? Just found out my Ferritin is at 21 over the past few years, my hair is thinning badly. Thanks

  • Michelle
    December 10, 2018

    How long did it take before you started seeing less shedding? I’ve been taking optiferin-c for just about 2 weeks.

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