Hello, January!  I love the enthusiasm that January brings.  Everyone has set new goals, intentions, and even some resolutions and they usually have at least ONE that is centered around health.  I took to the podcast airwaves this month and was a guest on a few podcasts that I think you will LOVE.  Wait…what?  You aren’t listening to podcasts?  I love to listen to them while in the car, while lifting weights at the gym or cooking on Sundays.

Thanks to Dr. Jen Riday and Orion Talmay for having me on their podcasts.  You can listen to them at the links below!

Jen Riday’s Vibrant Happy Woman Podcast 

Orion’s Method Stellar Life Podcast

I talk a LOT about The Wow Life Nutrition Program in both episodes.  If you want more info, go HERE.


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