Move the Needle NOW!

It’s that time of year!  It’s the one month in between the eating holidays (Easter & Passover) and summer.  The one month where everyone goes back to the New Year’s goal of losing weight.  The last month of “before the kids get out school” and “before I leave for vacation.” Oh..and my fave, “before it gets hot!”  May is the perfect 31 one days to make the needle on the scale MOVE.  Are you ready?

I’ve run the “Move the Needle Now” challenge for the last two years.  There have been over 215 women that have taken the challenge, and the feedback is always great!  By the way, it’s FREE!!!!

Here’s how it works:

  • Beginning on April 30th, you will get an email on Sunday morning that will describe the focus of the week.  These emails will arrive every Sunday during the month of May.  Each week, the focus will vary from cutting sugar to adding greens and some fun stuff in between.  YES!  You are going to make some changes that might make you a bit uncomfortable (like giving up some wine) but nothing that’ll kill you.  I mean…it IS a challenge, and you want to get that needle moving! I’ll be motivating you the whole month.  YOU can do this.
  • In addition to the challenge focus for the week, you’ll receive a mini-meal plan that supports that week’s challenge!  YES!  By popular demand, I’ll tell you exactly what to eat.  There will be grocery lists and recipes for each week’s meal plan.  Those are yours to keep forever.  Four weeks of healthy eating all spelled out.  For free. I mean if you don’t join just for that…..
That’s it!  It is simple.  The first email goes out on April 30th so that you are ready to roll on May 1st.  To register, go HERE.  You know these things are always better when you do them with a friend, so forward this to your best buds and make sure they sign up, too.  I’m excited to see you get the needle moving in the right direction next month.

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