Ghost Eating

ghost eating

Ghost eating is the cousin of B.L.T.s and it can wreak havoc on your healthy eating plan!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You just got done with dinner, but for some reason, you are still hungry and find yourself standing in the pantry looking for something to eat.  You see a bag of chips that your kid brought home from school.  Dang…they look so tempting, but you resist and grab a couple Brazil nuts.  A few minutes later, you are back in the pantry, the chips are looking at you, but you grab a Zing Bar.  Hmmm….you still feel like something salty…back to the pantry and you think that pretzels are definitely better than chips, and you sit down in front of The Bachelor with the bag.  Shoot!  The salt from the pretzels made you crave something sweet, and you head to the fridge for a couple of spoonfuls of frozen yogurt.  Oh geez…you’ve already gone overboard.  You’ll start over tomorrow.  You eat the damn bag of chips.

Listen.  Sometimes you just need to eat potato chips.  Everything else you ate to avoid the chips is called “Ghost Eating.”  If you add up the calories from ghost eating around the chips, you clearly ate more than if you had just eaten the chips.

I’m not giving you free reign to eat potato chips.  I am asking you to be intentional about eating the chips.  Are you bored?  Angry?  Lonely?  Don’t eat the chips.  Make some tea, close the kitchen and go meditate.  Eating over emotions stops now.  If you decide that you are eating the chips, sit down and eat the chips.  Taste them.  Don’t inhale them with guilt.  Savor them, look at the shape of them, chew them slowly.  Every last one of them.  I bet you don’t eat as many as you think you would.

Be intentional with foods that aren’t on your usual meal plan.  It takes some time to adopt this behavior.  You have to get rid of the guilt associated with it.  Eat it and move on.



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