Another Important F Word

Sticking with the theme of “things that we eat that make us look amazing and are just as important as calories, protein, and fat,” this week is all about fiber.  Fiber is one of those game-changing ingredients.  Besides helping to alleviate and prevent constipation, eating a good amount of fiber lowers your risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  It helps to lower cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels.  PLUS, consuming fiber aids in weight loss!!!!  Bonuses all around.

How much fiber should we be eating?  

The magic number is between 25 and 35 grams per day.  

Here are my tips for getting your fiber in each day: 

  • Starting with my fave…the avocado!  One cup of this smooth, green fruit contains 10 grams!  Delish.
    *Add fiber to salads and smoothies by adding flax seed and hemp hearts.
    *If you are currently eating less than 10 grams of fiber per day, you don’t want to jump to 25 in one day. You’ll have a lot of gas and tummy issues. Add 3-4 grams per day and get up to that 25-gram level.
    *Look for high fiber foods like vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds that give you fiber without too much sugar.
    *You can also try psyllium husk. It’s found in most markets, and you can add it to smoothies, sauces, recipes. It’s a “supermodel secret, ” and it works! The hubs had a nasty bout of diverticulitis a few years ago, and the doctors told him to take psyllium husk every day to keep things moving. He’s not a super model, but it does keep things moving! Start with just a few teaspoons and work up to two tablespoons.
    *Consume a ton of water. Fiber without water can cause even more constipation. Fiber needs water to move through the body.Trust me.  Getting your daily fiber is waaaayyy easier than consuming less sugar.  This week’s challenge should be pretty easy.  I hope you take a stab at it!  Like last week, I reminded you that if you don’t want to think about it and just want to be told exactly what to eat to get your Spring Break Bod ready in seven days, you can get the Seven to Sleek meal plan below.  

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