You Gotta Move! Think French


 Walking along the Seine


I live a 1/2 mile from the Pilates studio, three blocks from the post office and bank, a 1/4 mile to the beach and 1 mile from a big gym.  And guess what?  I drive to them.  I went to Paris last fall and I walked EVERYWHERE.  Even when it was raining!!!  I know if you are reading this in New York, San Francisco or any big city with a great public transportation system you are bored and yes, you may leave now.  For the rest of us who are connected to our beloved cars with an umbilical cord, we need to cut it!

Each time I go to Paris I promise myself that when I get home, I’m going to walk more.  This last time, I was home not even 18 hours and found myself driving three blocks to meet a friend for coffee.  If you are like me, most of your daily stops are pretty close to your home or office.  I realized that with a little planning, I could walk to each of them or ride my bike.  What a novel idea.

This summer I am pressuring myself a bit more to make walking and biking more of a regular thing vs. something I do when my car is in the shop.  My daughter will be home from summer on her way to college.  We decided to become a two car family since she is headed to one of those big cities with a fabulous transportation system.  This summer we will be SHARING A CAR.  I will have no choice but to walk and bike to places that I would normally drive.  Plus, the car we share is a major gas guzzler and I never realized it until I started driving it regularly.  Yikes!

So today I embarked on a summer of walking.  I started off with the same three block walk to meet a friend for coffee.  It was great!  It felt good to move the bod after a couple of hours at my desk working with clients.  So what do you say?  Shall we walk or bike a bit more this season?  Try it and let me know what you think!



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