Stop Eating Beige Food

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I used to eat a lot of beige food.  I lost a big chunk of weight in my 20’s by following Weight Watchers.  I loved it.  It taught me to eat real food in manageable portions.  This was before they got into the frozen food and snack food business.  Now that selling food is their focus, I see a trend with Weight Watchers followers, and I’m not a fan.

Search #WeightWatchers on Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Beige Food.  Post after post of beige pita bread with beige apple slices and beige “cheese.”  I’ve seen beige waffles with beige “butter,” beige noodles with fake, beige sauce.  WTF?  I’m all for brown rice and quinoa (both beige foods), but WW is promoting these not so fresh and definitely NOT pretty foods that they market and, of course, profit from.  I feel bad for these WW followers.  They are so missing the point.

Eating pretty is one of my main messages.  Everything that we put into our bodies should make us glow from the inside out.  I’ve got my hand up…I was one of those beige eaters.  “It’s Fat-Free” was my motto.  Unfortunately, that beige food left me dull, bloated, and tired.

I challenge you to look at your plates.  Make sure you are eating colors.  I don’t need to tell you what foods are colorful.  Just make sure you haven’t fallen into the beige trap.  If you have, that’s cool.  It’s easy to break out of it.  Start with a breakfast and a base of berries.
You can’t buy beige berries!


3 Responses
  • Andy Blank
    August 5, 2016

    Has me thinking. I’m teaching my son NOtHING about nutrition and have more weight on my shoulders than on my body…and that’s a lot. My friend lost 100 lbs following you…she looks and feels fantastic!

    • Cassie Piasecki
      August 5, 2016

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Andy! Maybe make just one change a week to introduce some healthier choices to your boy? And you…you need to meditate! Don’t roll your eyes. DO IT! Try the Calm app on your cell phone.

  • Michelle
    September 4, 2016

    I am very intrigued. I was watching a video of my friends cousin, Rhonda Herring, and started to look at your program. Like you I have been through the ringer of everything from the eighties to now but nothing sticks with me. I had five kids and I am down to the last one who unfortunately has been subjected to fast meals, cheap meals, meals to pop on microwave or open a can. I want to change my life and show her a healthier way to begin hers. Most days getting out of bed and going to work is the most I can accomplish. But in my experience healthy foods are expensive. Is your program realistic for those on a strict budget?

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