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A Sneaky Calorie Confession – I used to take my daughter to get a burger and fries from some drive-thru at least once per week when she was growing up.  That’s not the confession; this is – I used to hold out my hand and say, “fry me!”  This was the signal to hand me over a few fries.  I figured that if I didn’t actually order the fries for myself, they somehow didn’t count.  I would do this a few times until she realized she wasn’t going to have any fries left and squawked at me.  I also used to eat a couple of bites of her morning pancakes, a couple sips of her smoothie, the first part of her ice cream cone so that it wouldn’t drip on her, a few spoonfuls of my husband’s pasta, and a couple of mini Milky Ways (but they were the dark chocolate ones) on any given day.  Do you know what this type of food is called (other than crap)?  It’s called B.L.T.s or Bites, Licks, and Tastes.

Let’s add those B.L.T.s up.
1 oz. of fries = 70 calories
a portion of a pancake with some syrup = 75 calories
sips of smoothie = 48 calories
ice cream licks = 59 calories
random inhaled pasta = 70 calories
3 mini, dark chocolate Milky Ways = 108 calories
That, my friends, added approximately 430 calories of crap to my day.  If I did that or some version of that every day for a week, that adds to 3,010 calories.  You need to eat 3500 to gain a pound.  But I eat soooooo good!!!!  I don’t know why I’m not losing weight.  I workout!   

This week I want you to think about the B.L.T.s in your day.  Acknowledge them.  Maybe even write them down!  Add that crap up.  Be honest.  When I cut the B.L.T.s, the scale stopped creeping up and slowly returned to my set point.


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  • cassie
    March 8, 2016

    love the article. thank you

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