One Week Until June! Countdown to Summer 2014


For the last 8 weeks I have been sharing with you some of the things that I’ve been talking about with my clients.  The “Countdown to Summer” is always an active time!  It’s easy for me to get caught up in it, too.  With one week out, I’m shifting gears and sharing with you what I tell myself…not just 8 weeks before summer but all year long.



I workout everyday.  No really, I do.  Okay…In the last 6 months I took three days off because either I had an appointment in LA or had to travel.  Here’s the thing…not every workout was at level 10+.  Most days were but some days were a mellow Pilates class, some days were a yoga class and a brisk walk.  I move my body EVERYDAY because it makes my body feel good and I want to feel good.  What I need to tell myself is that sometimes I workout too much.  There have been days in the last 6 months that I have worked out three times a day due to my teaching schedule or my Pilates training or clients who enjoy an extra push by me training with them.  I need to take some complete days OFF.

Goal for the week:

As I type this, I’m still in my bathrobe.  SHOCKING.  It’s a holiday and I have the whole day off.  I am FORCING myself to NOT PUT ON ANY WORKOUT RELATED CLOTHING.  This holiday happens to coincide with a family trip in a few days.  SO…I’ve decided that this will be a resting week.  The first one in 6 months.  The plan is that I will do nothing today.  Then starting tomorrow, I will do ONE very low impact activity a day for the rest of the week.  Pilates and yoga.  That’s it.



I’ve done almost every diet.  For those who don’t know the former ME, I was overweight as a teen and young adult.  By overweight I mean that 23 years ago, I lost 50 pounds (if you don’t believe, tweet me and I’ll send you the pic @SmartyCassie).  I lost all of my weight doing Weight Watchers.  It was long before WW promoted all of their overly salted and sugared frozen food products.  At the time, they taught portion control.  Portion control is what I believe to be the best way to lose weight.  Combine it with choosing high quality food and few bloat-free tips and you’ve got a plan for success.  I’ve worked super hard to keep that weight off through marriage, divorce, remarriage, childbirth and now as a 40+ year old gal.  NOT EASY.  I’m going to repeat that so that I can hear it for myself again…NOT EASY.  Cassie, you lost 50 pounds and kept it off for 23+ years.  You sorta rock!

Goal for the week (or forever):

Remember where I came from and stop worrying that a splurge here or there is going to blow me right up.  Be confident in the skin I’m in and know that I’m not 25 years old and I don’t need to look like I am.



This part kind of ties in with the food section above.  Last week when I went to SparkCycle, I posed for a picture afterwards with some of my friends from GRIT Cycle.  It was after class so we were all sweaty in our leggings and sports bras.   Reality, I posed with three girls under the age of 25 and we all were showing our stomachs.  One person’s stomach looked different than the rest of them.  Why did I spend the better part of the day comparing my abs to theirs?  They were 22 and 23!!!!  I’m 45!!!!!!!!  Geez, Cassie.

Goal for the week (or forever):  

Stop comparing yourself to others.  Be happy in the skin your in.  Be confident.  Set the example that where you are in that moment is exactly where you are supposed to be.  SO easy for me to type that.  Doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to do.  It’s a goal, not a rule.



Since I have spilled so many confessions here, why stop now?  Confession:  I LIKE being naked!  I don’t run around my house naked but I do stand in front of a mirror naked everyday.  I also think I look way better in a bikini that jeans any day!  So that’s kind of naked.  I guess I am more confident than I think I am.

Goal for the week:

It’s more like a wrap up.  Confidence IS the key.  The key to feeling your best, wearing what you like, doing what you like to do with passion and enjoying your life.  In my work as a fitness professional, it is my #1 goal.  I want you to feel confident.  Because when you do, you keep showing up, you work harder, you feel better and you try new things.

So with all of these posts for the last 8 weeks, all of my tips, tricks and confessions, you are READY for summer!  Whatever you tried, whatever you listened to brought you right here.  I didn’t expect you to do it all but I know that whatever you did do will enhance how you feel for the next few months.  It doesn’t end there.  The summer feeling can last all year.  Come back and revisit posts that you never got around to, try a tip here and there as your schedule allows.

Have a sunny and fun summer!  Play hard and play safe!



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