TWO weeks Until Summer 2014!


WOW!  Only two weeks until the beginning of June.  That is when summer starts for me.  June, July and August.  90 or so days of sun, warmth, dinner outside, Popsicles, loud music, bikinis and travel.  Here’s what I’m talking with my clients about this week:


In keeping with my goal to try something new each week, I drove two hours to take an indoor cycling class in La Jolla, CA.  Indoor cycling isn’t new but the scenery was.  It was good to get out of my city, try a new studio and walk around the surrounding area.  My life has changed in the last few years.  I used to drive two hours to go shopping and buy cupcakes.  Yes, I was still fit and yes, I still do that but I’ve come to realize that a fitness field trip is sometimes more fun!

Goal for the week:

Grab a friend and plan a fitness field trip.  Try some place that has been getting a lot of buzz.  Places like SoulCycle, FlyWheel, Barry’s Boot Camp are cool choices.  If you live somewhere that doesn’t have these things, try looking at YELP for the latest and greatest.  OR…try something like stand up paddle boarding, a hiking trail or a yoga class.  Just do it in the next town over.  Like I talked about a few weeks ago, the change of scenery will rev you up!


I’m not a quantity person.  I don’t eat large amounts of food at one time.  I’m a grazer.  But for someone who grazes, I often get bloated.  So it isn’t how much I eat, it’s what I’m eating that’s doing it.  I don’t have gluten issues but I do notice that when I stay away from carb-y snacks (crackers, pita bread, rice) my stomach is less bloated.  I love fizzy stuff so I think that always adds some bloat.  If I know I’m going to wearing something that shows off my tummy, I try to stay away from the bloat causing foods/drinks.

Goal for the week:

Identify what makes you look/feel bloated and start to eliminate them from your diet.  Do you like the way you feel?  It might be time to make some changes so that you always feel good.  Did you over do it?  Adopt a small cleanse the day after your splurge.  I’m talking LOTS of fruits and vegetables like watermelon, berries, asparagus, cucumbers and throw in some nuts and a lot of water just for the day to get rid of what is weighing you down and filling you out.


I’m reading a book right now that suggests you should write three pages in a journal each day.  The thought is that things will come out that might send you in a new direction, help you overcome an obstacle or make a decision that you’ve been putting off.  Summer inspires us like that.  To adopt new patterns and habits.

Goal for the week:

Crack open a new journal, install a journal app on your iPad or start a Tumblr.  Start writing, drawing, typing.  It doesn’t have to be in typical diary form.  It can be an open letter to the world, a collection of photos that inspire you or cartoon drawings that make you laugh.  Don’t put any restrictions on yourself that you MUST do it everyday but make some time to at least look at it every night before you turn it.


Why do all of my confessions come out here?  Well, here’s another one.  I spend a LOT of money on my hair.  I’ve got dark hair that is quickly turning another color (rhymes with May).  I’m too young to give in to it so I spend a lot it keep it pretty and “bronde” (beachy brown/blonde).  Summer is when my hair takes the biggest beating of all.  Highlights, sun, salt water, too tight ponytails and braids, hats, convertibles……

Goal for the week:

Restock on good products for your hair!!!  You’ll need:

Deep conditioner, a wide tooth comb, moisturizing shampoo, ponytail holders that don’t rip, a silk scarf (for the convertibles) and a sun hat that you can wash when it gets sunscreen on the brim.

I’m also trying to wear my hair “naturally curly” more often.  Scour Pinterest for styles that can be done without a lot of heat!



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  • Cassie (same name!!)
    May 30, 2014

    Great encouragment and wise advice. We have similar values!! Thanks for the post!!

    • Cassie
      June 1, 2014

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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