Me, No Sugar and a Bikini Cleanse


It all started with a pound of Jelly Bellys.  I had a particularly stressful weekend and fell into a candy store with a Jelly Belly wall.  The wall where you can choose what flavors and how many of each.  Yes, that wall.  Three days later and every Jelly Belly was in MY BELLY.  I’m a candy freak and it was even too much for me.  I was headed for Palm Desert in two weeks and thought, “I can lay off the sugar for two weeks!”  Everyone laughed and this is what happened.

Two weeks ago:  I told myself NO candy.  I was to have no candy, no sugar, no agave.  While I was at it, no rice, no bagels, no bread and no potatoes (I don’t eat pasta anyways).  Hmmm…let’s just throw wheat outta there completely.  Bye bye beloved crackers.  I can do this.  TWO WEEKS!!!!  That’s it.

One week ago: A friend from SMARTY started a new company, Bikini Cleanse.  I checked it out since I’m not a juice cleanse kinda girl.  Yay!  I can eat two meals and there wasn’t anything that resembled green juice.  SIGN ME UP!  I bought my cleanse and started immediately.  It was easy for me because I had already cut out so many of the evils!!!  It was very easy to follow.  A delish smoothie for either breakfast or lunch (I made mine w/water and lots of ice), two raspberry juices that I mixed with a LOT of water and two simple meals.  You are not going to eat carbs or dairy or drink alcohol.  YOU can DO this!!!!

So what happened:

1.  It was easy to cut out the candy because I had a “why”, an ending date and I knew it wasn’t forever. I didn’t go crazy thinking about it.  And I will eat it again!  Not just sure when because I’m afraid to.  I also didn’t feel THAT different without the candy.  Like, I didn’t feel any better than I already do.  I usually feel 99% awesome!  I still did.  Maybe I don’t eat as much as I thought.

2.  I missed not eating rice.  I love rice.  I think I will eat it again.

3.  I was pretty much gluten free and nothing felt different.  Maybe I don’t consume that much gluten in my regular diet.

4.  I did NOT have any weight to lose while doing the cleanse so I did take advantage of eating avocado and as many of the clean foods on the Bikini Cleanse list that I could eat!  In the end, I did drop from 117lbs. to 114lbs.  That being body LOOKS insane!!!!  I leaned way down.  I think this is from having little to no salt, drinking the raspberry Bikini Sticks and the Bikini Tea.  Things were just flushed away.  GONE.  I showed off my day 5 flat belly pic here.

5.  I would definitely do the Bikini Cleanse again and I’m going to start promoting it to my clients that are 1-4 weeks out from a big event.  This is rad!!!!!

6.  I’m glad I’m done.  I will miss the Bikini Smoothies.  They were so darn good!!!!  I’m also proud of myself that I eat as clean as I do.  This proved it!  It was not hard for me to make the switches that I did.  I didn’t have the headaches or withdrawals that I thought I would.  I continued to workout HARD during these two weeks.  That also helped rip out some of the muscles.  ***It should be noted that I paid full price for my Bikini Cleanse.  The company did offer me one to give away to my Instagram Community but not until after I had started.  This review is 100% unpaid!!!!

If you have any questions, comment below, Tweet me or Insta me!  This works!

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