4 Weeks Until Summer 2014



Those are some good tushies!  4 weeks until June!  The final countdown.  Here’s what I’m talking to my clients about this week:


You cannot spot reduce.  You can tighten up!   If looking good in your bikini (your reunion dress, your golf shorts, your wedding dress) is your goal, you can add some extra exercises to build up/tighten certain areas.  This can work really good if you have been cutting back on calories and you’ve been leaning down.  These are called “vanity” exercise and 4 weeks from a big day is the prefect time to start.

Goal for the week:

Add some vanity exercises to your routine.  Here are some examples (look to Bodybuilding.com for details on correct form/movement):

Shoulders – lateral raises, overhead press, front delt raises

Triceps – dips, “skull crushers”, cable push downs

Abs – check out some Pilates mat exercises!


Legs – lunges

Calves – calf raises on stairs


I’m not sure why but every year at this time, I like to wander the aisles of my local “natural” markets and find new items to try.  I also get infatuated with berries!  I live in Southern California and have access to them almost all year but they are truly in season here and I can’t get enough!  This past week I discovered a few new snacks like Matt’s Munchies and coconut flavored sparkling water from La Croix.

Goal for the week:

Take a walk through YOUR local markets and buy some new things.  Visit a farmer’s market and get some locally-grown fruit.  Try a new variety of vegetable that you haven’t had before.  This is the best time of year to discover some amazing tasting food!


Is it wrong that I’m going to talk about acceptance after I posted those gorgeous girls and their perfect tushies?  After I just told you to do vanity exercise?  If yes, then I’m wrong.  I’m never going to be 5’9.  Try as I might, my legs are always going to have a few dimples of cellulite and dang it…my brown eyes aren’t ever going to be blue.  OH!  I can’t sing, either!  I’ve learned to accept these things.  Some are harder to accept than others.

Goal for the week:

Go a little easier on yourself when it comes to the stuff that you fight with the most.  You know where you can improve and you you know what you can’t change.  Ease up.  Talk to yourself in a kinder voice.  Look at how beautiful you are and smile about it.


Grooming.  Landscaping.  Maintenance.  Whatever you want to call it, now’s the time to do it!  You definitely don’t want to wait until the day before Memorial Day to get a facial and a bikini wax.  You’ll risk sunburns, razor burn and ingrown hairs.  YUCK!  Four weeks out is a great time to start this stuff.  Get a deep cleaning facial to rid the face of winter’s wrath.  Schedule those waxes and have you ever tried laser hair removal?  LOVE IT!!!!

Goal for the week:

Make the appointments for your maintenance or learn how to do some of it yourself!  I dig the Poetic Waxing kit.  I use it for upper lip and toes and I even tried a smallish bikini wax.  Sssshhhh…don’t tell my waxer!!!




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