Wine – You Deserve It?

Woman with a very large glass of red wine

Do you deserve a glass of wine every night?

I’m going to dive right into a deep subject -alcohol.  I’ve had quite a few comments about the #3DayJumpStart and how some people “cannot possibly go three days without a glass of wine!”  Really?  “Well, the doctor said I can have a glass every night.  It’s good for me.”  The docs also say that sleeping for 8 hours is good for you, but do you do it?  They say that eating sardines are good for you, but do you do it?  We listen to what we want to hear. I get it.  I do it, too!  But when it comes to wine, why are you really doing it?  You think that drinking the glass of wine will calm you down, take the edge off, quiet down the kids, help you sleep…Heck, YOU DESERVE IT!
The skinny – a glass of wine isn’t going to kill you, BUT it’s filled with empty calories, it disrupts your sleep cycle (as your body metabolizes it, you start to wake up and have difficulties staying asleep.  Plus, you’ll have to get up to pee), and to top it all off, it is taxing on your liver.  Between the hours of 1 AM and 3 AM your liver is working overtime.  Give it a break!  Think about it – did it quiet the kids or were you just putting on your wine headphones?
As lame as it sounds, let’s figure out three things that you can have or do instead of drinking wine, that will help you sleep, take the edge off, quiet the noise, etc.  You NEED to have these tools, or you’ll never break the cycle.  How about:
1.  Taking a bath
2.  Putting on dance music and having a dance party in the kitchen with the kids
3.  Sipping tea with a piece of dark chocolate
4.  Organizing the junk drawer
5.  Brushing out your dog
6.  Meditate
7.  Going to bed 15 minutes early
8.  Doing restorative yoga in your jammies
There!  Now you have eight things you can do that will make you pretty instead of drinking another glass of wine.  I KNOW…it’s hokey, but you might need a little wake-up call.  Am I saying you cannot ever drink again?  NO!  But can you possibly go three days without it?  I hope so!


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