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Meal Planning with Jeanette Kimszal

As a grad of Keri Glassman's, The Nutrition School, I know I can count on other alumni to deliver great info!  Jeanette Kimszal wrote this info-packed post on meal planning.  WOAH!  This one is a keeper.  Print it out and start planning. How do you stay successful with maintaining a healthy diet? Four words: Meal Prep and ...


Warm Spring Quinoa + Greens Salad – Recipe

It's spring, and it always encourages me to cook greener, fresher, and lighter.  My daughter is home for the summer and is attempting to eat gluten-free.  Since it's now two against one (my hubs eats everything and anything), I have the task of making food that my husband won't turn away because it's gluten-free.  He ...


Summer Travel Fitness Tips!

I've been traveling on the east coast this week!  You know I'm working out.  On this trip, our hotel was a little out of the way from boutique fitness studios, and I relied a lot on the hotel gym and running trails.  Here are some of my top tips to consider when planning your travel workouts: ...


Your Skin Looks Great!

"You have great skin."  "Look at your skin!  Mine doesn't look like that."  "Your skin glows."  DUDE...all three of those sentences have been said to me this last week.  ME!  The girl who used to lay with ice packs on her neck for 30 minutes every night because the cystic acne was so bad.  ME!  The girl ...


Hot Trend – Microblading Your Brows

  I think I have heard the word "microblading" at least once a day for the last two weeks.  It is THE hot trend in beauty and I wanted to find out why.  I sent some questions to OC's microblading specialist, Jen Hyland, and here is what she told me. *What is microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent, manual ...


Three Little Things That I Love Big Time

It's the little things, right?  The small things that I get excited about during a regular Monday.  Here are three small things that excite me BIG time. GOMASIO That bottle I'm holding makes me verrry happy.  Gomasio can be found at most "healthy" markets.  The one I like best is a blend of sesame seeds and salt. ...


Move the Needle NOW!

It's that time of year!  It's the one month in between the eating holidays (Easter & Passover) and summer.  The one month where everyone goes back to the New Year's goal of losing weight.  The last month of "before the kids get out school" and "before I leave for vacation." Oh..and my fave, "before it gets ...


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