Pilates Method Alliance – Check!


I started taking Pilates lessons in 2001 at a studio in Costa Mesa, CA that was considered to be one of the top Pilates studios in the world.  I was surrounded by the best of the best.  It was around this time that an organization was formed called the Pilates Method Alliance.  I overheard a lot of buzz in the studio about this organization.  The Pilates Method Alliance was going to start certifying instructors and be the “gold standard” certification that any excellent instructor would want to have.  Over the years I watched as the organization formed and indeed, starting certifying the best of the best.  I told myself that if I was to ever become a Pilates instructor, I would want the Pilates Method Alliance certification.

Fast forward 13 years and I did become a certified Pilates instructor.  I have also met a ton of uber-talented instructors that never sat the the PMA certification.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t the creme de la creme, because they are!  (I can only hope to be that great)  But in my own mind, after hearing so many conversations about the PMA, I knew that I had to take and pass that exam.

Unlike the traditional Pilates certification exam that is both written and practical, this is just a written exam (actually, it’s done on a computer at a testing center).  The exam was heavily centered on safety, the exercises and how they apply to different populations and anatomy.  I studied my little heart out and burst into tears at the testing facility when the “Congratulations” screen popped up.  pma

This has been a year of “keep your head down, Cassie, and go after your goals!”.  I’m checking this one off and moving on to the next one.



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