Get Sexy With Your Discomfort Zone


That’s right!  Get sexy and make out with your DISCOMFORT zone!  UGH…no one likes to be uncomfortable.  I’m the first to admit that I will turn away from most things that make me feel yucky.  I’m not going to try to solve all of your psychological problems about not reaching your potential (I’m too busy solving my own!) but when it comes to fitness, I might be able to push you in the right direction.

How long is a workout?  45 minutes?  90 minutes?  Are you uncomfortable for ALL of it?  Maybe, if it’s your first class or a new studio or new style of workout.  But chances are you are only going to be uncomfortable for a short period of time.  The duration of a sprint or climb, the three sets of heavy squats or the full set of the Hundred (Pilates)?  If you turn away from these, you’ll never see or feel that change.

This is what I ask….just KISS discomfort.  Turn up the intensity just enough so that your mind or body says, “Hey there!”  That’s the kiss.  Kiss a few times and realize, you can do it!  Then I want you to MAKE OUT with it.  At least once just to prove to yourself that you aren’t going to die (throw up, fall off or pass out).  Embrace the thrill of it.  I guarantee you that you will feel excited and supercharged that you did!

Let me know how your first kiss with discomfort was!



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